Announcing Custom Code!

We’re excited to bring you Custom Screen Code today. Custom Screen Code is the first step in extending the functionality of your apps beyond what’s supported in the Builder.

Custom Code exposes a feature typically only available to developers in an easy to use GUI. You can now write your own functions that let you configure anything from Push Notifications to saving data in Airtable or any RESTful endpoint :exploding_head:


We’ve added support for Expo’s most popular features including:

  • Permissions
    • Request push notification, location, contact, camera permissions, and more with expo-permissions!
  • Camera
    • Launch a user’s camera and save pictures directly to your app with expo-camera :camera_flash:
  • Submit to Airtable
    • Using Fetch you can easily write a function that saves the content of your app or form directly to Airtable (and any other RESTful endpoint!)
  • Barcode Scanner
    • Transform a user’s camera into a barcode scanner (like the one used to launch Live Preview inside of Draftbit :wink:) with expo-barcode-scanner
  • Audio / Video
    • Manage audio and video playback with expo-av :notes:

Find the full list of packages available in our documentation. Is there a package missing that you’d like to see inside of Draftbit? Make a request in the Feature Discussion category.

Soon, we’ll also release Custom Code Bits & Blocks, as well as app-level Custom Imports.