Announcing: Example Data Service for your app

Hey everyone, we’re excited to bring you a new tool for building: Example Data Service. Example Data helps you start building your data-driven app without having to create a backend. Best of all, it’s 100% free and usable anywhere REST APIs are accepted :wink:

Go To: Example Data Service

Before we jump into the details of this announcement, could I ask you a favor? We’ve launched Example Data on Product Hunt today, and we’d appreciate your Upvote!

How do I use Example Data?

Just use this service as REST API’s in your favorite tool (like Draftbit). To use the API, simply append the resource you want to get, i.e.: GET

Use any HTTP method with this data: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, and OPTIONS. Remember, this data is just for testing purposes, so any changes you make will not be saved for very long.

Go To: Example Data Service

Why did Draftbit make this?

With real or real-looking data and structure, and a full REST API interface, you can make better design and development decisions along the way and launch 10x faster.

With dozens of data sets available (podcasts, restaurants, todos, users, videos), you can prototype just about any app imaginable.

What else can I expect?

Going forward, we’ll use Example Data in more parts of the platform. You’ll find it in Example Screens (here’s a sample) and Example Apps.

We will be adding to the data sets over time. If you would like to request one, please make a post on Feature Requests.

Go To: Example Data Service