Automatically switch to Layout view after selecting a block

It would be great that once you select a bit/block the view switches to the layout view automatically

Hey Chris - we’re actually about to ship something to help here. Will ping you when it’s out!

absolute legend, thank you :slight_smile:

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also, I was meaning that it will switch to the layout view with that item selected… but I guess you already get that?

Hey Chris - this update is now live. Rather than switching from one panel to the other after adding a bit/block, we opted to modify the add bit/block panel to expand out of the Layout panel. Eager to hear what you think.

Ah yes, that’s great, not exactly what I was talking about, but I do love that selecting a bit or block extends out of the left panel.

Here’s an example:

In this video you can’t tell which element in the preview I have selected, and when I click on the “ENABLE LOCATION” button I expect the layout to select my button displaying all the properties for it in the right hand panel.

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