Big changes to Data are here!

Hey everyone, We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks improving how we handle data in Draftbit and we’re excited to share the first big chunk of these features with you.

What’s New?

  • :cloud: New Data Tab: We’ve consolidated all of the APIs & Services functionality to a new left-hand tab called Data. Under the hood, we’ve made a ton of improvements to how we structure API Services and Endpoints. (Docs↗)

  • :crystal_ball: REST Variables: We’ve introduced a standard way to add variables into your REST API Endpoints. You can use these variables with {{handlebar notation}} in your endpoint headers, path, or parameters. (Docs↗) (I’m not sure this needs a completely separate page)

  • :zap: Updated Navigate Action to allow passing data. You can now take data from inputs on the screen or from your server and pass it along to the next screen when navigating. This is important in passing data from list views to detail views, for example. (Docs↗)

  • :weight_lifting_woman: Upgraded Fetch Component: We’ve also updated the Fetch component to let you utilize both of the above features: you can use passed data or inputs from the screen to fill in REST variables, allowing you to complete the loop and build complex flows involving data and navigation. (Docs↗)

These pieces are just the first half of the upgrades to Data in Draftbit. So stay tuned, because we have a lot more in the works.

Possibilities: Unlocked.

Now that we have these components, you can do all kinds of great things with data in Draftbit, like:

  • :athletic_shoe: Display the detail view of an item in an list. Let’s say you have a list of sneakers and you want to tap on one to take you to the screen for that particular sneaker — that’s now possible! (Tutorial)

  • :memo: Collect data in an onboarding flow or wizard. You can pass data between each screen on a multiple step flow and utilize it all at the end. (Tutorial coming soon!)

  • :houses: Display lists of related items. You’re browsing rentals and find one in a particular neighborhood that you like. Create a link to a list view showing all other rentals with the same neighborhood property. (Tutorial coming soon!)

Best of all, you don’t need your own API to get started using these features right away. Our free Example Data tool is fully compatible with all of these new features (check out the /sneakers and /properties APIs to build the examples mentioned above).

What else can you build? The possibilities are endless, so post your examples or ideas in the comments!

Navigation Parameters are still a beta feature, so please report bugs and make your feature requests .