Building a custom app

I just started checking out Draftbit and it looks really promising. I have a couple of project that I would like to use draftbit for but I can’t find a solution for some of the features I would like to have in the apps. Can anyone tell me if these features are possible in Draftbit?

  1. Filtering list
  2. Hide/show elements (typically FAQ list where you click on a question and the answer is shown under)
  3. Live search
  4. Interactions

This is one of the apps:

I’ll be really happy if someone could tell me if this is possible to build in Draftbit. @nickselman

Hi Mathias!

As for filtering a list, you can add query params when you connect a REST API to your app.

Hiding/showing elements and live search are currently not in the Builder. I would suggest adding these feature requests to our roadmap. While you’re on there you can add your vote to other features that have been requested.

What kind of interactions are you looking for? We currently offer support for navigation, submitting data, open links (web/deep links), and running custom functions (which can be configured in the Custom Code window). Let me know if you need help with any of these.

After taking a look at your app, I’m pretty confident that you could build the UI in Draftbit. There are some feature (ex. chat) that aren’t currently available in Draftbit right now and would require some engineering work after you export your app.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need help with anything!


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Hi @angela

Just wanted to second Mathias’ request for a filtering list and search as I’d like to create a marketplace type app (let’s use AirBnB as example) where users could either choose a dropdown menu with several cities or be able to type in the city name.