Can I make an app with groups, daily check-ins, and workout tracking?

Hi all,

I made a simple workout accountability app in Glide but it’s too limited to go any further (e.g. no group chat, no daily feed, ugly UI). Here is a link to the Glide app.

Ultimately, the app helps people actually go to the gym. People know they need to work out. They know how to. The problem is accountability and follow-through. The app let’s them join a small group, set public weekly goals, and then commit to either resting or working out the next day.

Here is a summary of what an MVP would be:

User Actions

  • Update their profile
  • Search for, join, and leave a Group (Group size is limited to 7-12 people). Let’s call the users in a Group “Teammates” for now.
  • Every Sunday, set a goal for number of workouts for the upcoming week (e.g. 4 workouts)
    – This needs to be locked Monday after they set it. If they don’t set it, it should be a standard number.
  • Every day, commit to either working out or resting tomorrow.
    – Their choice should be locked at midnight. If they don’t commit, it should be a standard Rest or Workout that they set in their settings (this is not that necessary of a feature right away).
  • Log every workout (e.g. Choose “Chest” and “Shoulders”; felt “Strong”; send post-workout picture; include a message for the Group like “Hit a new PR benching today!”). They should be able to edit the workout until midnight.
  • Chat with Teammates.
  • Enroll in monthly payment after free trial.

Other Programming Required
Home Screen

  • View results of yesterday’s Teammates’ results (e.g. John worked out; Susan committed but missed her workout; Bobby rested).
  • View Teammates’ commitments for today (e.g. John is resting. Susan is working out.)
  • View Teammates’ weekly goal progress (e.g. John 3/5; Susan 0/3; Bobby 2/4).
  • View the Group’s weekly goal progress (e.g. Group Name 5/12 workouts complete).
  • View a feed of Teammates’ workouts for the day (e.g. view a card showing John’s workout details, picture, and “Hit a new PR benching today!” message).
  • View Teammates’ profiles.
  • View Groups.
  • Various notifications (e.g. if they haven’t committed to tomorrow by 7pm, notify “Remember to commit to tomorrow!”).

I have an old Airtable base set up that collected Commitments, Workouts, and Profile data from a form. But using that form was too complicated (sent via email, user has to enter Group name every time, etc.). Formulae in the base spit out the data that users view (e.g. weekly status, today’s commitment, etc.). However, Airtable has some goofy timezone issues that make recording workouts and seeing weekly progress difficult or inaccurate. And you couldn’t edit existing data.

Is this possible with Draftbit? Is it complicated enough to not be worth the effort?

Hey Karl,

Awesome app idea! In its current state, your app would require additional programming outside of Draftbit. Many of the features that you’re looking for are on our roadmap and will be added to the platform fairly soon.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Okay. Thanks for clarifying and saving me lots of time! I’ll keep an eye out for those updates.