Can't change text in Text Bit

I tried to add a Text Bit and I’ve also copied a Text Bit from a custom block and I’m unable to change the text in these.

Hey Chris - sorry about that. A fix should be out for this in 5-10 minutes

Also, it might be the same thing but I noticed I can’t set the Mapped Data Value in the Fetch bit

That is likely the same issue, and should be working now. We are fixing a few UX inconsistencies where you select something in that dropdown but sometimes still see Select an Option, but the process of setting a mapped value should be working now.

Awesome, it does look like it is working better now. Thank you!

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Of course - sorry about these issues!

No problem - even with these minor issues I feel like I’m getting stuff done very quickly!


This is still happening for me BTW. The label stays the same, but the data is connected.

Amazing, thanks Donald!

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