Conecting to Mysql Database

Hi everyone,
Im fresh new in Draftbit and eager to learn from you all.
I was wondering if it is possible or what is the recommended way of connecting to a mysql database hosted on google cloud.


Hi @David_Garcia! Glad you’re here and eager to hear what you think about Draftbit. At the moment, we have REST API integrations that would allow you to interact with a web server. I’m not intimately familiar with Google Cloud’s MySQL offering, but I imagine you would have to have a server running that exposes API endpoints that would allow a frontend client (such as a mobile app powered by Draftbit, or a website) to interact with your server (and in turn your database).

We’re also exploring other data integrations right now, so would definitely be interested in hearing if there are other ways you’d like to build data-powered apps (either here, or at