Create a tab navigator?

Hi folks - I’ve seen the resources on the FAQs / Knowledge Base on navigators, but mine doesn’t seem to show.

Could someone please outline how to establish a universal tab nagivation bar?

Many thanks!

Hi Daniel,
If you want a Tab Navigator to show across the entire app, you can put it directly inside the Root Navigator. Next, add your screens inside of the Tab Navigator. Once finished, select your Tab Navigator and assign an initial route and routes for all of your tabs in the Configs tab.

Let me know if you need more help with this!

Hey Daniel – Sorry you’re seeing this and thanks for reporting! The label saving for navigators is a known issue that we should have a fix for in the next day or so. We’ll post back when we do!

Hey Daniel – The issue with saving labels should be resolved, take a look and let us know if it works for you!

Thanks Brian! The label-saving appears to be resolved, but my nav bar still doesn’t show on my app? Any ideas what I might be missing, please?

Hi Brian - could you please look into this when you have a moment? Thanks! or/@angela too :slight_smile:

@Daniel_White Hi Daniel, I’ll take a look this morning!

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@Daniel_White So, there’s a known bug we’re working on where changing Navigation options won’t appear immediately in Live Preview and requires some other change in the app to be made for the changes apply. Can you try changing something else in the app to see if the nav bar appears?

The only other reason that the bar wouldn’t appear that comes to mind is the initial route not being set, but it looks like that’s set up correctly in your screen recording.

@angela I’ve changed quite a bit elsewhere in the app - doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’ve never seen the nav tabs at the bottom appear at all, and have tried loads of different setting combinations.

Is there something basic I’m missing? I can re-record my screen if that’s helpful.

@Daniel_White Ah okay, do you want to send me a link to your App? I can take a look in there and see what’s going on.

Hi Angela,

Thanks for your response - still no joy with this, I’m afraid.

I did a screen recording of my settings here:

NB the issue raised on settings in the navigator not saving properly seems to still persist for me - when I name tab 5 ‘profile’, and then move screens, it disappears when I return to the config screen.