Current usability status of Draftbit?

Dear Draftbit Community,

I am currently using another tool to build my build my native apps. Really keen to try out draftbit.
Mainly as it would allow me to use custom code. I have some questions before trying to port / re-write my app on the platform:

Would Draftbit currently allow me to build an app with:

  • Export to App Store + Play Store - and build
  • Push notifications
  • Save / retrieve objects to/from local storage
  • Using native functions - record audio, take videos - does it allow you to use all expo functions?

All the best,


Hi Anuj,

  • You cannot publish directly to the App/Play Store from Draftbit, but Expo provides detailed instructions on how to do this.
  • We provide access to the Expo packages that would give you the ability to include push notifications, native functions, etc but it would require some additional configuration after you export your code.
  • Local storage support is not currently available.

I would be happy to subscribe you to the appropriate feature requests on our roadmap. That way, you’ll be automatically updated on the progress of those features. Let me know if you’re interested!


Hi Angela, that all sounds great. Yes please subscribe me.

Currently if there is no ability to add to local storage how are users currently managing authentication.
Is there some work around to create a persisted user state or are people forced to log in every-time they open an app?

I’m working on recording videos in Draftbit. I have a snack working using just expo to capture the video and provide the local URI of the file. I just need to figure out how to add this to custom code in Draftbit.

That said I cannot declaratively show/hide the recording/not recording buttons within Draftbit so it appears that for now it is likely this page or pages will need to be coded outside Draftbit using Expo.