Custom Screen Function with Parameters


How can I make a custom function that takes parameters?


Hey Kamran! Great question: we’re working on building passing parameters around in navigation and actions right now. But you may be able to do some things with custom code in the meantime — what are you trying to accomplish?

Hi Brian,

I have a list of items, and when a list item is clicked, I want to navigate to another page that displays that item in detail.

Got it. Good news / bad news: The good news is that’s exactly what we’re working on. The bad news is that’s not possible to do in custom code right now. So my advice unfortunately is to wait until we roll out that feature in the near future.

Hi, any news about the release date of this feature ?

Hey Sylvain,

Passing params so you’ll be able to create an item detail view should be ready very soon :slight_smile: I don’t have an exact date but hang tight!

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@angela - Has there been any movement on this feature? I’m trying to implement an accordian style interface, where clicking on a button reveals a form underneath it. So, the button handling code would return the JSX tag for the form, or hide it, depending on the state of the button.

Hi Paul! So, passing data between screens is currently live. What you’re describing isn’t possible within the Builder, as of now. You can run a custom function on button-press but you wouldn’t be able to control the visibility of a component. Would you like me to subscribe you to the existing roadmap item for this feature? That way you’ll be automatically notified of its progress?

Hi angela - Yes, please subscribe me to the feature for controlling the visibility of a component.

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