Eject Expo to a plan React Native project

Does anyone have experience ejecting plain react-native from this Expo generated app? Are there limitations to using the prototype I’m building with Draftbit when it comes time to make it a ‘clean’ native app that I can build with Android Studio and Xcode? I can’t have Expo dependencies in the final version.

Hey William – There is some info here https://docs.expo.io/introduction/managed-vs-bare/#bare-workflow that might be helpful, but it definitely won’t be easy. I’m curious – why couldn’t you have expo as a dependency?

I found some guides for removing it, but just wondered if anyone here has tried. Just looking for tips.

As for the dependency, I may need to do more research, but I believe the Facebook SDK is part of the Expo build and my client’s InfoSec and HIPAA policies won’t allow that.

I don’t think Expo has it bundled automatically anymore. At least if looking docs:
That shows that you need to install expo-facebook separately, by yourself, to use those capabilities.

I made grep & find in my expo-cli initialized project, and it doesn’t contain facebook sdk code, or anything similar suspicious code. But yea, definitely good to check yourself, so it is met with policies. :slight_smile:

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