Export app not working

I’m trying to export this app, and the loading spinner on the export button just spins forever.


Separately, as a different issue: when I tried running an exported app several weeks ago I ran into several issues. Is there a guide/FAQ/etc somewhere on getting Draftbit exported apps running locally? Thanks!

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Hey @Chris_Dzoba,

Sorry you’re having issues!
We are noticing some issues with code export at the moment and are working on the fixes for them. We’ll keep you updated on the fixes.

For your second issue, we have documentation here that can help get you started on running your app locally with Expo-CLI. If you run into any issues or have any questions reach out to us!
Excited to see your project!

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Hey Seb, thanks for the info. Do you have a workaround for code download, or, know an ETA for when it will be fixed? It is definitely a blocker for my progress. Thanks!

I’ve exported successfully my project but after install all packages with yarn, and running with expo start as soon as i open the project with the expo client i’ve got a bunch of errors from the ThemeProvider.
I’ve tried to remove it to see if something changes but the app still doesn’t work.

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Hey @Chris_Dzoba and @SanDerewith,

We shipped some new updates that should have fixed a majority of these issues.

@SanDerewith - do you mind checking again and seeing?


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It does download, woohoo! Thank you.

However, when I tried to run it, I got this:

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Same result here. Exporting, but error on running.

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Yup can confirm the same error is happening also to me.

Warning: React.createElement: type is invalid -- expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: %s.%s%s, undefined,  You likely forgot to export your component from the file it's defined in, or you might have mixed up default and named imports.Check your code at App.js:27., 
in App (at withExpoRoot.js:26)
in ExpoRoot (at renderApplication.js:40)
in RCTView (at AppContainer.js:101)
in DevAppContainer (at AppContainer.js:115)
in RCTView (at AppContainer.js:119)
in AppContainer (at renderApplication.js:39)

Seeing this when I export now. Excitingly, the app did run (sort of) and all the icons were missing, however, it is mostly not working.

Woo Hoo! yes, it does run but looks like any non-system font is throwing an error. Mine happens to be Monterrat. My icons don’t show either - I used exclusively FontAwesome from the icon chooser.

Exciting to see progress.

I happened to try again now now I’m seeing this:

Hey everyone,

Glad to hear we’re making progress!

The next set of issues seem to be application specific (things are no longer missing, but the code that’s there is breaking):

@Chris_Dzoba for the ScrollView do you mind sharing the URL of that screen? You can email it to me if you’d like it to stay private: peter@draftbit.com. Otherwise this thread works

@William_Dunning We will be pushing out a fix for custom fonts soon, sorry about that.

@Chris_Dzoba the Ionicons issue with icon fonts fix is being deployed shortly. We didn’t want to deploy on a Friday afternoon, sorry :sweat_smile:

@SanDerewith do you mind checking to see if you still have that problem?

Thank you for your patience everyone and sorry about the delay. I tried to avoid being on my computer this past weekend :sweat_smile:

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Regarding missing fonts. It’s easy to work around on exported project if you need to until it’s fixed:

Create folder assets/fonts
Put your custom fonts in the folder
Add your custom font(s) to the Fonts.js file


Hey @William_Dunning are you still having issues with exporting fonts? Give it a shot and let me know :smile:

@Chris_Dzoba along the same lines - icon fonts should be working too.

Sorry about the troubles and thanks for your patience!

Icons are working, but Fonts still missing.

@William_Dunning do you mind sharing your app with me? You can email it if that’s easier: peter @ draftbit.com

[SOLVED] I’m not exactly sure how I was able to use a custom font without adding it to the project in the settings, but I was. When selecting font in the object styles, I can see a long list of typefaces even though I had not added them to the project in settings.

I added the font in the settings section, and now it is there on export. So, not a bug. But not intuitive either.

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That’s good to know, thank you!

Any other issues that are coming up in the mean time?

Hey William — we’ve considered removing custom fonts because they are difficult to get working in all scenarios correctly. Do you mind sharing the name of the font were you trying to use? If we had a more extensive internal list of fonts would you use that or prefer using custom fonts?

I was using Montserrat Regular which was in the list on the styles panel. But on export that font was not exported and threw an error. Is the list of available fonts in the combo box on the styles panel considered ‘system’ fonts? Maybe there is a different disconnect. I solved my problem by adding Montserrat-Regular.ttf to the project.

To your question, in this app I don’t need special fonts other than being consistent and having a professional look so a standard selection of fonts would be OK. I could see a situation where a designer is telling us to make an app ‘pixel perfect’ and we would be required to use a custom font. I’m thinking of a couple of customers we have who actually have their own custom font for their brand.