Extend the functionality of Audio Player Component

Audio Player component has recently been added but its functionality is bare minimum. I can’t find any events attached to the player, for example - play/pause/stop/progress etc. Without these, how to move to next track in the playlist? How to play/pause a track with custom button? How the change the (ugly) UI of the current audio player?

Hi Taha,

There’s an existing feature request on our roadmap for pausing audio when navigating to a different screen that I can subscribe you to. I can help make additional feature requests for everything you listed and subscribe you to those as well – let me know!

Please do.

I need all the common functions for the Audio player, which includes:

  • play/pause/stop which leads to played/paused/stopped event
  • progress bar which tells the percentage of track played so we can build our own UI

I can understand that you can’t provide any ETA but without these basic functions, this component is of little use.