How can I add background shadow or gradient to background?

How can I add background shadow or gradient to background ?

Hi Milosz,

Gradients aren’t currently available in the Builder. There’s an open feature request for this on our roadmap – let me know if you’d like me to add your vote to it so you’ll be automatically notified about its progress.


Yes, please add my vote. What about background shadow ? Do you plan to implement it as well ?

Great, I’ve added your vote! As for background shadow, you can add a shadow by setting the Elevation on a component. Is there another use you were looking for?

Thanks Angela, great to here that ! Can you please tell me how to adjust an elevation on a given element for example a button ?

Hi Milosz! So Elevation isn’t available on the Button components. You can create your own custom button by putting a Container inside of a Touchable, though. However, I want to point out that we’re experiencing some issues with Elevation right now. I can let you know once the issue has been resolved!