How do I click the icon in a navigation header


How do I click the icon in a navigation header?

I’m a bit new to Draftbit. I’m building an app with a “main” page and a “settings” page. Using the “Navigation” control I created a navigational header for both pages. On the main page, the header has a gear icon on the right. I’d like to be able to click that icon to show the settings page.


Hey Stephen,

Welcome to Draftbit! So it’s currently not possible to configure the Icon on the right inside of the Builder – it’s something you’d have to do in code after you export. Are you comfortable working in code or is that something you’d need help with?

Also, would you be able to create a Feature Request for enabling navigation actions on navigation icons here on our new roadmap? When you create a request, you’ll automatically receive updates on the feature’s progress. Feel free to make additional requests too! :slight_smile:

I did something similar with a touchable and an Icon if I understand your application correctly.

Thanks @Angela! I’m comfortable working in code so that isn’t a problem. I’ll be sure to submit a feature request.

@William_Dunning - That is certainly possible. I’m building an iOS app and I want to keep header navigation inside the iOS application header area. Draftbit allows me to add icons to the header but doesn’t allow any action to be taken on them. By dropping down into code I was able to do what I wanted. Thanks for the suggestion though!