How to add backward Navigation button in top menu?

I made an app and added forward navigation. Everything works just awesome ! Again Draftbit didn’t fail to impress. But… I am struck with backward navigation. How to add a back arrow at top bar. And how to customize the top menu and prevent screen name to be appearing there?

Hi there! Glad you got navigation working. There should be a Back button in your Stack Navigator by default. Do you mind sending me a link to your app in a DM and I can look?

To customize the navigation bar, select the Stack Navigator in the Navigation menu, go to the Configs tab in the Properties Panel, and change the Header Mode to “None”.

I have found a manual way to add a touchable view and put a button. But I find the stack and tab navigator complicated. It would be great if you can send me a DM link.

Got it, I just sent you a message!