How to publish the PWA in my custom link?

I have finished my build successfully, a really smooth experience with draftbit. Now when I click publish as mentioned in the doc I am able to get an URL from draftbit. How to I publish the project in my desired URL as a PWA?

Hi Mohankumar,

You currently cannot attach a custom domain to the PWA published from the Builder. If you’re comfortable working with code/in the command line, we’re releasing a guide on how to publish a PWA to a custom domain after you export your code from Draftbit. If you’re not comfortable working in code, we’re currently exploring putting together a service where we help users publish their apps. If you’re interested, I can share more details about this service after they’ve been finalized.


A video tutorial on that this week on your youtube channel will be really helpful. I have got the pro plan today.