[IN PROGRESS] Button to delete components looks like it should delete screen

See the screenshot - with no label or tooltip, there’s no way to see what this trash icon does, but its position next to screen settings suggests it deletes a screen.

Problematic from a UX perspective. I tried to delete a component, first by hovering over the layer tree (no buttons appear), then by right clicking (only the regular Chrome context menu), then by pressing the delete key (nothing), then anxiously pressing the one button that looked like it had a delete function.

This isn’t really a bug - more feedback - but since I don’t see a feedback category I figured this was the place for it.

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the feedback. We know it’s a bad spot for it. We’re working on a new layer tree and we might be able to make it more intuitive then.

If you have any ideas, I’m open!

Any of the things I mentioned above would be good - hover to have a trash can icon appear to the right or left, or add a right click context menu (would probably make sense anyway since you have 3 operations at least - duplicate, delete, save as custom)

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I’m moving this to Feature Requests and marking it as In Progress. We are making a bunch of upgrades to this UX in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!