Initial Route Bug

Hey, logged into my project after being inactive for a couple of weeks.

Navigation is completely broken. Expo warning saying I had an invalid initial route. I reset the initial route which solved the problem.

However, when I refreshed Drafitbit I got the same error. My initial fix of resetting the initial route is no longer making a difference.



Hey Jack - thank you for the heads up. We are investigating and will get back to you shortly.

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Update - we’ve identified this issue and are working on a fix.

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Hi Jack - we’ve deployed a fix for this issue as well as a few other navigation-related fixes. Mind giving this another try when you get a chance?

Hey, I just tried it there. And it seems to be working again. However, now that its back up and running I’m getting this double-heading padding error thing going on at the top. Thanks. Jack

Hey Jack - sorry about that. Mind trying again when you get a chance? This should now be fixed.

Hi, this is fixed now. The last thing that seems to not be working which was before is the transition from stack nav to bottom nav. Sorry for all the back and forth but each bug only surfaces once the other has been fixed.

Hey Jack - that issue should now be fixed as well. No worries at all - I’m sorry for all the back and forth! Let me know if you come across anything else!

Still having the error for some reason. Tried linking the button up to a different stack screen and that worked. But when I try to link it to the bottom navigation it still doesn’t work. Best, Jack

Hmm, mind sending me the URL of the screen in question and I can look into this issue specifically? Feel free to send it directly -

Hey Jack,
Wanted to check in on this – are you still experiencing errors?