Introduction: Benjamin D. Smith

Hey everyone!
Seeing as no one has utilized this category as of yet, I figured I’d attempt to get the ball rolling :wink:

So as the title states, my name is Benjamin & I came across Draftbit after watching a talk by @peter (React Native EU 2019 and later Building Expo apps without code with Draftbit).

A bit on my background,
I originally started in graphic design and 3D modelling which naturally drew me to game development, in later years I transitioned to a CAD Draftsman by day and a software developer at night.

One of my hobby projects which I can discuss (not under NDA) is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin called ODIN Tracker

A brief overview of one of the popular features of the plugin:
:camera: How to make FULL SCREENSHOTS to your BLUEPRINTS in UE4

ODIN Tracker was Showcased by Epic Games, Inc. (creator of Fortnite, Gears of War, etc.)
Which we thought was pretty cool :star_struck:

My latest project,
Which led me to Draftbit, is the development of an entire invoicing, client management, & government compliance solution for the healthcare industry here in Australia, that will be focusing on the disability and elderly sector.

Time is of the essence for such a product/service as you could imagine and many people are falling between the cracks in the system due to the current shortcomings of the industry :cry:

Something which we strive to change for the better, and with DraftBit’s help hopefully rolled-out much sooner too :innocent:

– Benjamin D. Smith