Introduction: Joonas Hämäläinen

Hi all!
I’m most often called as kerberos by most online communities (or some variation of that), and it has nicely found it way into everyday usage of real life too. It is name with a bit of history, so if we ever end up in same table, don’t hesitate to ask about it if you like to hear the story. :slight_smile:

I’m quite old school computer nerd. Not one of those pioneers of industry though, not that old. :smiley: But I’ve grown with the Internet, and I live and breath technology & information. As I have grown to be quite jack-of-all-trades in IT industry, I mostly identify myself as a hacker (which is often a shocker to most people). That’s different story though.

After over a decade in IT business, I ended up being without employment. Took extended soul seeking period of almost a year, and then I decided to found a company of my own. Currently a bit over six months under my belt as entrepreneur, I’m loving it, even with all stress it brings too.

I have been diving into mobile development few years now, and chose React Native as my entrypoint. Quickly I shifted to Expo, which felt like making things quite smooth. I ended up contributing few fixes/features to expo-cli too, so I dug deeper in codebase & functionality of toolset I was using that I first had anticipated.
As I have constantly been looking for better tools, and especially wireframing tools and no-code tools, I stumbled into Draftbit. This looks promising, and I’m fairly sure I can incorporate this in my toolchain one way or another. :slight_smile: As I want to teach new developers with their tooling choises, I’m sure Draftbit will find place in those as well.

I originally didn’t plan that my company would be mainly focusing on doing mobile applications. However looks like word has spread that I am capable of doing those, so I’ve got multiple applications in the pipe. Some are just concepts and ideas, where I give sparring for potential customer, some are actually in coding phase already. Who knows how this turns out in the end. :grinning:

Right now I am trying boundaries of Draftbit, seeing what it can do and can’t do, and trying to learn making applications “point&click” way. I’m highly customed to work in command line and low level code, so it is somewhat leap for me.

Before all this what I am doing now, I did a lot of server stuff. Meaning building infrastructure, hosting, management, incident responses, security, scaling etc… Quite much of that is these days called as DevOps. These days I dive deeper in serverless methods, and enjoying scalability it offers. So, if I’m not most knowledgeable in mobile development with react native, I am skilled in server/backed related situations. Keep that in mind if you need someone to spar your thoughts when plannig your application backend/infrastructure. :slight_smile:

I am also avid gamer, so if you need some company, or look for new experiences, drop me a message.

For everything else about me, drop a message. I think this was already more than most people care to know about me. :grin: