Is custom fonts working?

Good day, I’m trying to use fonts other than what is supplied in the builder. I go to assets, Typography and I have my fonts there. I have tried both .otf and .ttf of the font, Inter. They do work on Windows, though.

However, when I change let’s say Heading2 to InterBold (Which shows up in the list of fonts there), The Heading2 already had keeps the font it had before but font comes up with a Select an Option, and any of the custom fonts I’ve added do not show up in that list.

I’ve even tried refreshing the Builder, with no luck.


Hi William, this is a known issue! Uploaded fonts only work within the Themes modal as of now. I can update you once we have a fix out. Sorry about that!

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No problem! I can always work on app design and change the font in the meantime, only a slight visual bother.
Thanks for the clarification!