Is there a way to add a camera/video component

I’m wanting to create an app where you can take photos and videos. Is there a way to add this feature?

Hey @Jacob_Olenick, so the short answer is “not entirely” – there are a few things that need to be done directly in code that we don’t have support for just yet. Would you be willing to provide feedback on what specifically you wish to do with camera/video? That’ll help our product team spec the exact features necessary to use these native libraries.

We also have a roadmap item for this feature, which if you Upvote you’ll automatically be subscribed to updates as we develop them:

Finally, we do have some documentation on how to add Expo libraries using custom screen code, although as I mentioned it’s not possible to entirely leverage these libraries inside Draftbit just yet. This could get you further along to the point where you don’t have as much work to do in the source code outside of Draftbit:

@nickselman Thank you for responding so quickly. It would be similar to the byte (vine 2.0) app. My goal to is build a new social community app but I personally don’t know how to code just yet.

Byte is a pretty custom app, but anything is possible with React Native! If you’re not super comfortable with code, I might recommend the :raising_hand_woman: Hire An Expert link in your Draftbit dashboard. That will let you connect with a growing group of Draftbit Experts that we’re personally onboarding. They’re all pretty comfortable working in React Native.