I've created a Draftbit Community Discord Server [TEMPLATE]

Invite link: https://discord.gg/Qptu6hP

It would be cool if it could become an official server on Discord and join the ranks of Webflow and many other communities which share the Discord platform :slight_smile:

Let me know @peter / @brian if you’re interested and I’ll gladly transfer ownership of the server to Draftbit, Inc.


Hey @BenjaminDSmithy what an awesome idea !!!

Feel free to add me as a friend and transfer to me Peter#4958

I’d love to have your help though so please let me know what we can do to help the community grow :smile:

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This is awesome!
Thanks so much for setting this up!

Happy to help + in my experience it never hurt to get a solid foundation setup prior to full-scale launch rather than scrambling to keep up with demand after the ship has already set sail :ship:

What makes Discord a great solution is:

  1. it’s free
  2. built to scale
  3. built for communities unlike say Slack with 10,000 message limits
  4. offers great features such as server boosts where either yourself or your community can boost your server for additional perks such as vanity URL’s additional branding (custom invite link background screens & messages), the list goes on.

Though you’d probably qualify for Discord’s Partner Program once fully launched which grants you max Discord Boost status for free + other goodies exclusive to partners.

Also useful for Open-Source projects too (since you have public GitHub repos): https://discordapp.com/open-source

Joined you on discord! :+1::+1:

Just noticed this thread, and I must say I’m raising my voice against having community discord, especially in ownership of Draftbit. It can segmentate community into smaller silos, and also increase workload of Draftbit staff to cover every platform.

Discord is good for real time conversation, and things that can be forgotten immediately afterwards. Using search in Discord to see if your question is already answered doesn’t really work, especially once there is more traffic. It doesn’t get indexed to web searches, so people trying to find solutions via Google don’t find them. And frustration to people who join Discord while trying to find help, and there is nobody around that given time is a lot greater than them needing to wait reply on forums.

I’ve just seen some big communities to move away from slack/discord and take Discourse instead. Like MongoDB, they realized that real time conversation wasn’t good way to have community support, and people kept asking same questions over and over again. So they’re quite nicely made own Discourse in past few months.

Of course, if there is need for place where people can have chitchat without real support aspect, and all support / more technical stuff is directed to forums, Discord is good one. That then just needs active people organizing such moments when people can interact, and build bond between each other.

This is my personal experience how community slack/discord has worked out, compared to some sort of forums. Just throwing different viewpoint into the air here. :smiley:

All valid points,

I’ve been looking at Discord <-> Discourse robots for the search and creation of bugs, feature requests, etc.

Which if keywords match with existing forum posts, than the robot would suggest them with a hyperlink back to Discourse to help alleviate some of those concerns you’ve pointed out.

One aspect which I’ve discussed with the Draftbit team is access to new potential customer bases through Discord such as the Discord React iflux community which has 100k members:

Yes, getting exposure in Reactiflux community is good plan to gain customers. I’ve been part of Reactiflux Discord quite long time, and I’ve tried to get help there in the past. Most of the time my question is either left unanswered, or at best I’m pointed to some different place to go ask my question. :smiley: They have also realized that themselves, that they can’t offer support or hold meaningful conversations in various different channels, and have been closing them down. Which is good, they have refined their purpose.

Best thing what Reactiflux has done has been Q&A sessions, where various organisations have give presentations, and afterwards there has been chance for people to ask questions. Having such session would be good for Draftbit, and get most exposure.

I’m heavy Discord user myself too, I think I’m on ~30 or so different servers, and I own 3 different servers myself too. Most of them though are permanently muted. And I don’t really use them happily during times when I try to work, as first and foremost it is gaming community platform for me. If I open Discord while concentrating to work, I get distracted with other things too easily :smiley: One option would be to have two separate accounts, one for leisure, one for business… but that would be different hassle.

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Might actually be a great suggestion for Discord is the ability for them to add a Personal, Work, or Work+Personal sign-in options with the ability to set your servers into 1 of the 2 categories so depending on your selected status those servers not in the active category are hidden from view.

Especially with how Discord has branched our into many more fields than just gaming.

Feel free to create that feature request on Discord yourself if you’d like.

Otherwise I’ll write up a proposal myself next time I’ve got a moment.

You can do that. :smiley: Even as that is quite good sounding solution, not something I’d buy outright myself. :slight_smile:

Just added you and transferred ownership to you :slight_smile:

I’ve currently set my role as co-owner but once things are more solidly setup, feel free to lower my ranking to admin, mod, or general user.

NOTE: Discord servers technically can only have 1 ‘owner’ which if all roles are removed the owner still has access, while you can simulate owner powers via roles. So something to keep in mind if the Co-owner/owner roles happen to be deleted, your account is essentially a ‘super admin user’

I have setup a bot which will pull any posts made by Draftbit’s Twitter or YouTube channels and auto-post the links with generated thumbnails into the #announcements channel.

You could also do the same for your forum’s changelogs if you wish though that will most likely require a custom-built bot.

you could setup a ticketing system which could auto-create forum topics & populate them or link it to your internal issue tracking solution such as JIRA, Trello, GitHub Issues or whatever solution you may use internally.

A great example of how that could be implemented is on the Official Discord Testers Server