Local Storage Support

Dan Wetherald

Having the ability to set and get local storage would be necessary to creating applications with sessions or other globally persisted data.

For example, a login mutation would store a JWT token that would later be used by an authorized mutation or query by adding the token to the Authorization Header.

Would this be the same as state management support feature as mentioned here: React Native Help

Hey NCH – I think they’ll be interrelated, but not exactly the same. Sometimes you want to store things in local storage for non-state reasons, etc.

Then should we have that feature also posted here since thats the only thing, I believe, is missing that would help one create a CRUD app fully on Draftbit.

hey @nch I went ahead and created a new Feature Request for State Management. feel free to Upvote & Follow the topic to be notified when we support it: State Management support

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