Navigation Interaction not saved

Steps to reproduce:
Create copy of Rentbit and Start Building.
Click Screens on the left side bar
From the list of Screens, select “Location Permissions”
Click the “Enable” Button Solid
Click the fourth properties tab for Interactions
For Action, select “Navigate”
For Destination, select “Go back”
From the list of Screens, select “Explore Map”
From the list of Screens, select “Location Permissions”
Click the “Enable” Button Solid
Verify that the Interactions tab is still selected
Note that the Action was not saved.

Hey Gary, thank you for reporting this. We are investigating and hope to have a fix out soon. Will keep you posted!

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@Gary_Griffin Hey Gary - we’ve shipped a number of improvements to this. Would you mind trying again when you get a chance? It should now be fixed.

@donald This particular case looks good now! However, I noticed something similar while trying to reproduce the original issue. If I click the dot next to the Action dropdown to remove the navigation action of a Button Solid, then click the Data tab, the action appears to revert back to its previous state. I was expecting changes to be saved on clicking the dot.


I’d be happy to start a new thread if you’d prefer.

Hey @Gary_Griffin,

Interesting that you bring that up! The yellow dot does in fact reset actions. Everything is saved by default.

Is there something we can try that would do a better job of portraying that?

Hi @peter,

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. My concern is not with the intended save mechanisms. What I was trying to convey is that the changes are not saved when clicking the yellow dot. When I click the yellow dot, it appears to remove the action. However, if I leave the interactions tab and come back, the action has magically reappeared. I included a gif in my original message to show what I’m seeing.

Please let me know if I can explain further.

Hey Gary – I’ve confirmed this issue and filed a bug report for it, we’ll take a look ASAP. Thanks!

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Hey Gary - this should now be fixed!

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