Need help with Arrays in Draftbit

Good day,
I’m trying to search for a value in my Airtable base which is a lookup field that seems to be an array and returns records with that value. In my case, I’m trying to return Periods (Classes) that occur on a specific day. Currently, I have a field that has the day name manually entered, not as the single select field. DayName is the manually entered field that I currently search for. Days is linked to another table with the list of Days, and DayfromDays is the lookup field for the Day.

However, I’d like to not have to manually enter in each time and have it search from the DayfromDays field as I cannot understand what I have to do with Days as it returns a list of records with nothing, as seen below.


How DayfromDays appear:
Also if I put “Day (from Days)” or “Day+(from+Days)”, the fields original title, the double curly brackets lose their blue colour and test values disappear, indicating that its not a variable.

But I also found the statement below here while searching for ‘Draftbit search array’. I’m not a developer, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong/ don’t know what to do, or if Draftbit doesn’t support those array responses yet. I’m hoping its the former. And also I know this is an old article and that Draftbit can do more than just GET.

Hi William! So you definitely have the right idea in your setup but linked records in Airtable aren’t currently supported in Draftbit. It’s something we definitely want to include in the Builder soon!

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Thank you so much Angela! I’ve been at this task since Flexbox Friday and it almost made me crazy.

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