New Features & Fixes — August 11, 2020

Hey everyone, here’s what’s been rolled out at Draftbit over the last month or so!

:joystick: Guides
Components on the canvas are now selectable. When you tap a component on the canvas, the corresponding component in the Layer Tree becomes focused. And when you select a component from the Layer Tree, that component’s Guide is displayed on the canvas. There is a selected-state and a hover-state. Here’s what it looks like!

:hammer_and_wrench: Upgrades to PWA publishing
Thank you to everyone who’s reported improvements for the Publish feature. Publishing is smoother than ever, and PWAs are less buggy and more true to your Draftbit builds. Particularly if you’ve experienced issues with fonts, styles, data-fetching, or navigation with the v0 of PWA – check back again!

:books: New resources added to Dashboard
We’ve added a variety of shortcuts to your Dashboard to help you find what you need, faster. New resource alert: You can request help from a Draftbit Expert (in beta) to work on your project.

Interested in applying to become a Draftbit Expert? Reach out to

:open_hands: Draftbit UI (aka Jigsaw) is now open-source (beta)
(Official Github Repo) For now, this is a beta release and is mostly undocumented. We have a roadmap item to more fully document this in the near future. We hope this is just the beginning of bringing more component libraries to Draftbit, with the help of our community!

:toolbox: More features & fixes
As always, we’ve made dozens of smaller improvements to Draftbit, and you can always find the full list on our Changelog .