New Features & Fixes -- February 24th, 2020

Hey everyone, Nick with Draftbit here! With this week’s round of updates, Draftbit continues to get even faster and easier to use. Here’s what’s new:

Builder UI transition is complete!

In a previous announcement, we told you about the new Properties Panel UI.

We’re proud to announce that the rest of the Builder UI updates have been rolled out. This includes things like:

  • Brand new Layer Tree UI — cleaner and easier to use.
  • Moved Assets, Settings, Themes into a new & improved modal.
  • Refactored left-hand-side menus to make going between building, refining, and iterating a much more pleasant process.
  • Redesigned the Builder header menu to give you easier access to app-wide controls & actions.

Product Tutorials

We added an all new self-guided experience for learning Draftbit. The first 5 tutorials will walk you through building 3 screens, a navigator, adding external data, and sharing your app.

Over time, we will add more advanced tutorials to go further in Draftbit as well as one-off tutorials for new feature releases.

To launch the tutorials, click the Checklist floating widget in the lower-right corner of your Builder (next to the Chat widget). Let us know what you think!

Performance improvements

We released a whole host of performance improvements last week. The most noticeable changes will be to page load speeds. In real-life testing, we’re clocking 20-30% reductions in page load times. Your results may vary!

As always, you can see a full digest of features, fixes, and changes in our Changelog.