New Features & Fixes for April 19th, 2019

:tada: We’ve rolled out some new features and fixes. Here’s what’s new as of April 19th, 2019:

:calling: Example Screens! We’ve added the ability to add screens to your projects from a gallery of examples (some might call them templates). While we only have about 15 screens so far, we plan to grow this every week from now on, so you’ll start to see more and more screens to help you build faster.

:zap:Improved new app creation & live preview experience! We’ve made it much easier to get started with a new app and to get set up on live preview.

:level_slider:Real tooltips. We’ve updated the tooltips for all of the configuration items on the right side of the screen assembler. So this should help if you’re a bit unsure what something does. We’re working on more documentation and howtos, coming soon!

:bomb: Bye Bugs. And as usual, we’ve fixed up some bugs, issues, and made some tweaks all throughout to make the experience better. If you find any that are still outstanding, please report them at

We’re now actively working on a bunch of big features that we hope to roll out in the next month or two, so stay tuned. Thank you!