New Features & Fixes for April 28th, 2020

Hey everyone, we’ve rolled out a bunch of upgrades to the Draftbit builder recently. Here are some highlights:

  • Web Preview is more realistic than ever
  • Component-level color override and a new Color Picker
  • “Publish” is now “Share Project”
  • Improvements to Navigation

Web Preview is now more realistic than ever

While :arrow_forward: Live Preview is still the “source of truth” for how your app will look on mobile devices, we’re excited to announce some big improvements to how Draftbit-built apps are rendered in the browser.

  • Icons: Select any of the 1000s of icons in the Icon Picker, and have it show up in Web Preview.
  • Fonts: Any font-weight-style-color combination that you select for your Text components now renders in Web Preview. As with before, you can change these globally in Themes or at the component level in the Config Panel.

Component-level color override and a new Color Picker

We heard your feedback: sometimes the default Themes styles can be a bit restrictive. That’s why we’ve rolled out a new Color Picker tool that can be used at the component level. You now have total freedom to edit colors throughout your app — as always, supplemented by Themes.

"Publish" is now "Share Project"

One of our most-used features got a little facelift. “Share Project” lets you generate a read-only version of your work that you can share with anyone using a public URL.

So why the rename? We have much bigger plans for the term “Publish” :wink:

Improvements to Navigation

While building Navigation inside of Draftbit has always been fast and powerful, it hasn’t always been the simplest user experience. We are beginning to make improvements to that experience. There is much, much more to come, but here’s what has changed as of today:

  • Improvements to the Layer Tree for Navigation, including drag & drop reordering and easier nesting.
  • Every New App starts with the Root Navigator already configured, and when you add screens to your app they are automatically placed in the Root Navigator.

Bug fixes and Performance improvements

As always, we’ve made lots of upgrades to the overall performance and stability of Draftbit. For a full list of updates, visit our changelog: