New Features & Fixes for July 5th, 2019

:rocket: Publish

Now you can publish, save, and share your app with others! And when you publish, we generate a unique URL to your app so you can easily show off your progress. No installation required!

:athletic_shoe: External Actions

We’ve added new actions that enable you to open a website in-app and externally link outside of your app with any Button or Touchable in a project. If you want to open a browser inside your app, use WebBrowser. If you want to leave the app, use Linking. Linking allows you to open any of the following:

  • Email: Use mailto:// to open an email using the default email client.
  • Telephone: Use tel://+12222222222 to initiate a call.
  • SMS: Use sms://+12222222222 to open a new sms message.
  • Web: Use to open a website in the device’s default browser.
  • Maps: Use maps:// to open maps
  • Any other app: (You just need to google for the URL schema).

:bug: Bug Fixes & Issues

There have been persistent issues with random red screens popping up for people in our community. Sorry about that. With your help, we’ve been able identify and fix many of these issues. If you’re continuing to experience red screens, please make sure to let us know via intercom, email, or slack.