New Features & Fixes for June 21st, 2019

:desktop_computer:New Web Preview

We’ve completely revamped how we’re rendering the app preview in the browser! You can now see most Bits and Blocks on your screens fully rendered, and gone are the text and button display problems. We already have plans for improvements, but here are some things to note about the current experience:

  • Real-time font style and icon rendering are in the works.

  • At the moment, you need to use Live Preview to see Navigation working.

  • The layer tree is the only way to select an element on your screens.

:floppy_disk: Custom Blocks

Create and save your own components (or “Blocks”) to re-use throughout your app. Click the save icon on any layer and give it a name. This saves that layer and any children of it as a Custom Block! Things to note:

  • We’re planning for improvements and support of more complicated blocks to use saved blocks.

  • We’re in the process of updating Draftbit Blocks to use this new format so in the future you will be able to easily customize and save them as your own blocks!