New Features & Fixes for March 15th, 2019

:tada: We’ve rolled out some new features and fixes. Here’s what’s new as of March 15th, 2019:

  • :running_woman::dash: Zoom zoom! We’ve made huge improvements in the speed of transitions from screen to screen in our builder (see tweet from Draftbit co-founder @DHruska below!).
  • :iphone: We’ve heard your requests: we’ve dramatically improved visuals in assembler (in-browser preview). We’re now rendering text, images, colors, and backgrounds. And we’re not stopping here – there are more improvements here coming soon, including live icons in the next few days.
  • :abcd: Text in text. We’ve added the ability to add text components inside another text component. This is useful for applying unique styles to adjacent text.
  • :point_up_2: We’ve added a new component: Touchable. This allows you to turn anything into tappable buttons, like texts, containers, images, and more. While you can’t do much with buttons just yet, we will allow to add functionality to these buttons very soon. Make all the things tappable!
  • :framed_picture: We’ve added another new primitive component: Image Background. This is the best way to add background images to entire screens.
  • :white_check_mark:And as usual, we’ve squashed some bugs and issues.

Next up: We’ve got some big things in the works, including adding some example screens to kickstart your app development with beautifully designed starter screens. Stay tuned!

Shipping some major speed improvements to the @draftbit screen editor, courtesy of @reasonml and @apollographql caching ⚡️⚡️⚡️

— Donald Hruska (@DonaldHruska) March 11, 2019