New Features & Fixes for March 27th, 2020

Hey everyone, today we’re announcing some upgrades to Draftbit that will have a big impact on how you build:

  • APIs, Services, & Global Variables
  • New & Improved Layer Tree

APIs, Services & Global Variables

We’ve released two new project-level settings, API & Services and Global Variables. The addition of these new settings will help increase the security and reusability of your API requests inside of Draftbit.

  • The Global Variables setting provides a centralized location for storing API keys. Entering your keys here, instead of directly in a Fetch component configuration, increases your app’s security by keeping the API key hidden in screen-level code.


  • In the APIs and Services setting, you can save a base API configuration which allows you to re-use the API throughout your app and easily modify endpoints, headers, and params in the Fetch component. This addition also opens up the opportunity for us to add custom integrations down the road.


Learn more about how to utilize these features in this tutorial on filtering and sorting query results in an Airtable base here.

Layer Tree Improvements

We just rolled out a brand new Layer Tree UI which has been redesigned from the ground-up.

In this new Layer Tree:

  • You’re now able to collapse component trees to make the space more compact and organized.
  • It’s easier to drag and drop your components exactly where you want them.
  • We’ve made big changes under-the-hood which should eliminate all of the issues you might’ve experienced with rearranging and reordering components.

Check out the full list of features and fixes we’ve included since the last announcement in our Changelog!



Always love additions to the REST API + those layout tree improvements are a godsend :pray:

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