New Features & Fixes for March 7th, 2019

:tada: We’ve rolled out some new features and fixes. Here’s what’s new as of March 7th, 2019:

  • :star2: Icons, Icons, Icons! We now support icons from a number of different icon sets, and its much easier to select them than before (which was bad, mea culpa). Check it out and add icons to all your screens!
  • :movie_camera: We’ve added a new component: Video . You can now add and play remote videos just like you add images.
  • :crystal_ball: We’ve added a new component: BlurView . This is useful for adding blur over images or other components.
  • :desktop_computer: We’ve added a new component: Webview . This lets you load a remote site. This is great for things like privacy policies, lost password forms, or viewing web content you don’t have full control over.
  • :keyboard: We’ve added a new component: KeyboardAvoidingView . This is helpful when creating screens with multiple forms / inputs. It will resize the screen when the keyboard is shown. Try it out!
  • :sunrise_over_mountains: You can now upload image assets right into the image selection drawer. Much faster if you need to add a new asset for a screen!
  • :white_check_mark: And as usual, we’ve fixed new bugs and issues. We’re working on a new version of our compiler and a bunch of exciting additions coming over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

As usual, if you have questions or comments about the above, please reach out!

The Draftbit Team