New Features & Fixes for May 2nd, 2019

:tada: We’ve rolled out some new features and fixes. Here’s what’s new as of May 2nd, 2019:

:control_knobs: We’ve started update the style and structure of the right-side configuration panel. The first version is live now, and we’ll keep improving and adding to this over the next month or so.

:hammer_and_pick: We’ve also made a ton of updates & fixes to the left side layer tree. It should be much easier to drag and drop, move layers, etc. You can also name your layers now by clicking on the layer and editing its name inline.

:calling: We’ve added more screens to the template gallery. If you have ideas of screens we should have in the gallery, please let us know.

:sunrise_over_mountains: We’ve fixed up the carousel component. Check it out!

We’re still working on a bunch of big features behind the scenes. We’ll release more soon.