New Features & Fixes for September 10th, 2019

We’re starting to roll out Data features, so here’s the first set of many to come. Enjoy!

:electric_plug: REST Data

Bring your own structured data into Draftbit apps! Now you can query endpoints from any REST API using the new Fetch component. Fetch can be found in the Add Components drawer, under Bits. For the launch of REST Data, Fetch supports Get queries. Create , Put , and Delete queries are coming soon.

Add a Fetch component and configure the JSON:


:bookmark_tabs: All New FlatLists

Lists are now more powerful in Draftbit! Make your own lists of Draftbit bits & blocks using the completely refactored List component. Lists and Fetch work best together. Place a List inside a Fetch component to route external data into items inside your custom list.

Attach real live data to Bits in a List:


:bug: Bug Fixes & Issues

We’ve fixed a bunch of issues that should streamline your experience in Draftbit. From under-the-hood improvements to Bits and Blocks, to fixing issues when uploading assets with peculiar names, the Draftbit experience should be smoother than ever.