New Features & Fixes—June 16, 2020

Hey everyone, we’re excited to tell you about all this newness happening to Draftbit! Today we’ll cover:

  • ICYMI: Example Data Service is launched
  • Early beta feature: Submit Data
  • Live Preview performance improvements
  • Code Export improvements

:robot: Example Data Service is now available

In case you missed it, we served up Example Data as a free service to app developers around the world! Example Data Service is like Lorem Ipsum for back-ends.

In conjunction with the announcement, we also launched Example Data on Product Hunt and have earned over 300 Upvotes as of this post. We even earned a shoutout from the world’s #1 Product Hunter, Chris Messina:

Really love what @draftbit launched today on @ProductHunt ... their Example Data Service is to data-driven apps what beautiful public domain stock photos are to Unsplash!

— Chris Messina (@chrismessina) June 9, 2020

Example Data will be the de-facto API endpoints for all data-enabled features and tutorials going forward. Scroll to the next section to see an example.

:incoming_envelope: Early beta feature: Submit Data

We just pushed a new Submit Data feature to your Draftbit accounts. Because it’s v1.0 of a big feature we’re going to be iterating on frequently, we wanted to involve you in the feedback process early.

So, how can you help?

To help you get off to a fast start, we wrote a few walkthroughs to follow:

Thanks for your help and early support!

:iphone: Live Preview performance improvements

We heard you, and we’ve made numerous improvements to the stability of Live Preview. We’ve also worked directly with the Expo team to optimize the experience.

:space_invader: Code Export improvements

Thank you to @William_Dunning, @Dmitry_d.nehaychik, @Chris_Dzoba, @SanDerewith, @Jack_Kennedy, and @Ahmed_Aman for helping us fix a swath of bugs with exported code. We really appreciate it!

:toolbox: More features & fixes
As always, we’ve made dozens of smaller improvements to Draftbit, and you can always find the full list on our Changelog.