New Features - May 29, 2020

Hey friends, we’re back with another big batch of upgrades to Draftbit to tell you about!

In this update:

  1. More improvements to the Builder.
  2. Navigation upgrades.
  3. More components are now data-enabled.

Improvements to the Builder

Web Preview is now more realistic, thanks to:

  • A realistic phone frame replaces the old rectangular canvas.
  • Selecting a component on the Web Preview phone frame now selects the component in the layer tree!
  • Custom Fonts: You can now customize fonts & typestyles at the component level, and those changes render accurately in Web Preview.

In our never-ending quest to eliminate extraneous mouseclicks, we’ve made it a little easier to build fast in Draftbit thanks to:

  • We added a new “quick screen selector” to the top bar of the builder, which makes toggling between screens lightning-fast.
  • We added context menus (a dropdown of the important actions) to the quick screen selector, as well as to the Navigation panel.

Navigation Upgrades

You may remember that we upgraded Navigation support in Draftbit to React Navigation 5.0. Thanks to this upgrade, we’ve been able to implement many of the Navigation customization options that previously weren’t possible.

For a full list, check out our Changelog. Here are some highlights:

Root Navigator

  • Your navigator can now inherit your App’s theme settings.
  • Tons more configuration & styling options.
  • Advanced gesture & animation handling.

Tab Navigator

  • Advanced configurations such as customizing how < Back is handled, lazy loading, and behavior when keyboard is in use.
  • More control over tab style and formatting.

Stack Navigator

  • Advanced gesture & animation handling.
  • More control over style and formatting, including customization on a screen-by-screen basis.

Go Deeper: Getting Started with Navigation (Docs)

More components are now data-enabled

You can now pass external data into Video components as well as into ImageBackground components.

Go Deeper: Introduction to Data (Docs)

For a full list of all the changes to Draftbit, visit the Changelog.