Pass Data Error - Can't find variable: item


  1. New project
  2. Create data endpoint:
  3. Add Products screen with Fetch | List | View | Touchable | Text(s)
  4. Set fetch to point to products endpoint
  5. Set list’s mapped data value to “data”
  6. Set text data value(s) to product data value(s)
  7. Add touchable navigation action to product screen and pass product name
  8. From expo live preview, tap a product and witness the following error:

Example Screen:

Hi Gary,

Sorry you’re running into the issue! We’ve created a ticket for this and the engineering team will take a look. I’ll be sure to update you once we’ve released a fix.


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I noticed that the error no longer appears, which is nice. However, when a fetch depends on a param value being passed from a previous screen, something isn’t working. No text is displayed in live preview, while the screen appears to work in build.

Hey Gary,

Glad your original error isn’t appearing but sorry a new one is coming up now! We’re taking a look at this issue as well. I’ll let you know once we have a fix up.