Problem creating REST endpoint?

I’m trying to submit data to a REST endpoint. First, it’s annoying that I must test the endpoint before saving, given that it doesn’t seem to read variables from the components in the editor. Second, even when I try testing with some hardcoded values, in the hopes I can come back later to enter variables for testing, I am getting an error, even though I can see the request hitting my service and getting a valid response.

Looking at my network console, this is what’s coming back causing the test to fail:

[{"errors":[{"message":"invalid json response body at <XXX MY TESTING URL XX> reason: Unexpected end of JSON input","locations":[{"line":6,"column":5}],"path":["proxyRequest","error"],"extensions":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR"}}],"data":{"__typename":"Mutation","proxyRequest":{"__typename":"HttpResponse","status":502,"error":null,"data":null}}}]

It seems like maybe your proxy is somehow returning a 502, even though I see a successful request on my API?

Any suggestions on what might be happening here?

Hey Andrew! Sorry you’re running into these issues. Can you post a screenshot of the endpoint you’re setting up? Or DM me the screenshot?