Profile icon overlaps project Settings

On small screen device (I use Dell XPS 13, so 13" screen), some icons on left side are pushed on top of each other. Screenshot shows situation:


Problem can be a bit mitigated if turning fullscreen on browser (F11), instead of just having it maximized.

Hi @kerberos! Thanks for reporting this issue. Can you do me a favor and send me a full screen screenshot and can you tell me what your computer’s resolution is at?

Here is full screenshot

Resolution is 3200x1800px, with 250% scale. Both are recommended options for this small screen, and come as default setting out of the box.

I actually tested now with 200% and 100% scale, and already at 200% scale many things look “better”. Many other parts have felt a bit badly organised, like tutorials position and lack of ability to move them around on the screen. So this small screen default scale is causing things to be a bit stuffed.

@Dylan_Irlbeck are you interested receiving more observations of these kind of UI/UX issues with high resolution, small screen with big scale? Usually I have regular 24" screens with FullHD resolution, but when I’m on the move, or work with clients, I use this small laptop alone, so experiences like these will come more or less naturally. If these are priority at this point, I can pay attention to them, otherwise I’ll just make reports about actual showstoppers, like these buttons pushed on top of each other.

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