Question about Direct Airtable Integration

Good day Draftbit community,

I’m planning to use Airtable as my backend, as I have no coding skills, and have a question about the new direct Airtable integration that is coming soon.

Everywhere on the web, when users talk about the API, they say not to use it in the client-side as people can intercept and steal the API key (which should be private).

Would the Direct Airtable integration solve this problem?

Thanks for reading,

Hi William!

You can actually use Airtable within Draftbit right now, you just have to set it up under the REST API service. Here are some instructions on setting it up that’ll help you get started. By configuring your API key as a Global Variable, your API key should be safe.


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Hey Angela,

I understand that Airtable can be used via the REST API, but as you can tell I have little to no coding skills, and I’m hoping the direct integration makes it easier to integrate the two, so I’m working on designing my app in the meantime.

But thanks for answering my question though! Knowing my API key is secure from malicious users makes me feel so much better.

I’m really excited for the future of Draftbit, and as someone who frequently uses Webflow, Draftbit feels super familiar. I would regard Draftbit as being one of the top mobile app builders, as your service allow users to export their code and not be locked down to a particular service (e.g. Bubble) and on top of that, offers a free plan!


Hey William,

Totally makes sense! Glad to hear you’re excited about the future of Draftbit, we are too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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