I’m new to Draftbit, I’ve done the tutorial, and your API test link is working for me and just to let you know I’m not a developer :slight_smile:
I wanted to connect to my Bubble API, and I can get the connection working, but when I try to Fetch data, I have an error. I’ve contacted help and was told that might be a bug.

Please help me sort this problem.

Data I see now in draftbit „Mapped Data Value” (wrong)

Data I want to see in draftbit „Mapped Data Value” (good)

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VYPmRnbYhEuvYhNlPS9_bzsNQwx_J-Sc/view?usp=sharing
Test JSON file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fkJHDp_dEpgIqtnpBbkk2Cf3by5oWqXZ/view?usp=sharing

Hey Wojtek! Thanks for reporting this. Right now, our data integration is set up to handle arrays - the part of the response from your API after results: - with the FlatList component.

If you add a FlatList, you should be able to select response.results in the data panel for the FlatList. Then, if you add a View component underneath the FlatList with some Text components inside, those text components should be able to be mapped to those fields description_test, url_text, etc.

Let me know if this works for you!

Hmm, indeed it does look set up correctly. We pushed some related fixes to this feature last night - do you mind trying to re-configure the FlatList and see if this is fixed?

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I’ve created new app for this test and still have the same problem. Now it’s also happening something that I encountered before. When I add all the tree of bits and blocks up to text (like on the screen above) and then set API config in Fetch I can’t get to save Mapped Data Value on List component. After some clicking around in different areas I get it to work and then on text component I can only choose same option like before (cursor, count, remaining)

Use my test JSON and please check if you have some problem on your end.

Thank you! We are investigating

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Any news in this matter?

Hey Wojtek, sorry for the delay here. We spent a bit more time investigating this issue. We have indeed been able to replicate the issue with the sample JSON you’ve provided (thank you!) and are working on a fix - hoping to have something out for this very soon.


Hi Wojtek - we just rolled out a fix for this. I am now able to successfully map data for the sample JSON you provided. Mind trying again and letting me know if this has fixed the data mapping issue for you? Thanks for your patience!

Hi, sorry I had to concentrate on different project. Will check it this week.

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I think I have it set like you said. Did you check my video?

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VYPmRnbYhEuvYhNlPS9_bzsNQwx_J-Sc/view?usp=sharing