[RESOLVED] Broken UI on modal API setup


Fixed with
adding min-height: 475px; instead of height: 475px;

Protip from a 10+ year of experience CSS veteran
Never use height
always min-height
because sometimes the children content can become bigger :slight_smile:

Hi David! Thanks for catching this. Weโ€™ll have a fix out ASAP.

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Having a similar issue myself

@BenjaminDSmithy Thanks for reporting this issue. Can I ask what browser are you using? Iโ€™m not seeing this issue on Firefox or Chrome, at the moment.

@flexbox Your issue should now be fixed. Can you double-check?

Thanks to you both!

Hey Benjamin โ€“ We pushed out some fixes earlier today that should resolve this. Can you take a look and let us know if youโ€™re still experiencing the issue in your browser? Thank you!

It seams solved for me!

Good Job