[RESOLVED] Builder stuck on loading when attempting to create new screen


Attempted to create a new screen in the app, and it’s showing the loading spinner indefinitely (screenshots below).

Using Brave browser with shields turned off (chromium base) on Ubuntu, with no adblockers installed.

Console errors:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' (in 173.eb9104cd.chunk.js:1)
Plus many many warnings of non-unique IDs.

Any idea what’s up with this? Will try to reproduce in Chrome in a minute, just need to reinstall it.

Hi Sam,

So sorry about this! Can you try refreshing the page or navigating back to workspaces and giving it another go?

Do you mind if we access your screen and try to debug? I’m in the process of trying to figure out why this happens from time to time.


Yep, refreshing the page brings me back to a functional builder with the new screen modal open.

Can’t screenshare right now as I’m going into a meeting, but can try to reproduce it later / follow up with you?

That’ll be great, thank you. In the mean time I will investigate myself and see if we can push out a fix :slight_smile:

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Quick update: Also getting errors when attempting to reorder components in the component tree.

Console message:
175.b47d208f.chunk.js:2 Uncaught Error: Invariant failed at t.a (175.b47d208f.chunk.js:2) at Object.recollect (166.5121c4d7.chunk.js:2) at 166.5121c4d7.chunk.js:2 at Array.map (<anonymous>) at 166.5121c4d7.chunk.js:2 at a (175.b47d208f.chunk.js:2)

Behavior is I start dragging it, but it jumps back within half a second and spawns the above error.

QUICK EDIT: This only seemed to happen when I tried to move a Touchable component with a Text component nested - moving buttons in the same screen doesn’t produce this error?

BONUS QUICK EDIT: The theme seemed to automatically revert from my chosen theme to the Draftbit default, with no action on my part. Didn’t even refresh the page.

REPRODUCTION UPDATE: The nested component reordering also happened in a fresh install of Chrome, but the new screen button didn’t hang on loading. Also, tested with a Container and it does seem like rearranging components errors out on any component that has things nested under it.

Hey Sam — Thanks for reporting. We’re working on a fix for the layer tree (and we hope to fully replace this part of the builder soon with a more fluid version too). Will post back when this is fixed.

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