[RESOLVED] Downloaded app won't load in expo

Hello guys,

I am dealing with an issue, I have a project that when I download and try to open via expo, I am immediately greeted with an error

“Invalid prop alignment” . has anyone dealt with this issue?

Hey Shawn,

Sorry you’ve encountered this issue. Good news: we’ve been able to identify the problem and will be releasing a fix in a couple of hours.

In the mean time, you can fix this by changing the alignItems value from auto to flex-start at the bottom of your screen. and everything should work.

Thanks so much for letting us know!

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Thanks for responding, did this ever get fixed, I am just getting back to the issue and I am still getting the same error

Hey Shawn,

It should have been! Did you try exporting the project again?

If you’re still having issues, can you please:

  • open up “SimpleWelcomeScreen.js”
  • scroll down to the StyleSheet.create and find screenContainerZu
  • set alignItems to flex-start?

Let me know, thanks!


Hey @Shawn_Johnson, also wondering which component did you set this property on? I’m realizing that perhaps maybe we’ve exposed a property to a component that shouldn’t have it!



Yes I did re exported. I ended up having to update the Style references, it does not seemed to be fixed.

Hey @Shawn_Johnson,

Can you let me know which component you’ve set alignItems on?

Hey, I am having this same issue. Do you have any updates on how best to solve?

Hey @Jack_Kennedy!

Can you please let me know which component you’re having this issue with? It’ll help us narrow down the issue and release a fix :slight_smile:


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Hey, so I figured it out with what you wrote above. In the file that used to be called “Simple Welcome|” I had to change the style sheet

screenContainerL4: { alignItems: "flex-start" // previosuly was "auto" }

Awesome, thank you @Jack_Kennedy! We’ll investigate that screen and push out a fix soon. In the mean time, the best strategy will be to set “flex-start” as you mentioned.

This alignItems: "auto" issue has now been fixed.