[RESOLVED] Expo preview not loading

When trying to load my app preview on the Expo app, I get a blank, white screen every time. I’ve tried on two different (android) phones with the same result. The Rentbit demo app does load on my phone, as does the browser preview of my app when I publish the app and follow the link. (QR code attached)


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Hey! Sorry you’re running into this issue. Can you message me a link to your app? The QR code attached seems to be working for me but I’m on iPhone so I can have someone on our team check on Android.

Yeah, will send the link in a second!

Any updates on this? I am still unable to view the project on Android.

Hey @Lyyoness

Sorry about the delay, we’re working through the Android updates (I didn’t have an Android phone to test on, but now I do!). We should have a fix before EOD

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If this helps at all, I have retried this on a friends phone this morning and I get the following error now (on a Samsung A51):

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Hey @Lyyoness,

Are you still having this problem? I tried running your app on Snack on a Android Pixel phone and it seems to work now? I tried a couple of screens.

If it doesn’t just please let us know and we’ll figure it out!

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It seems to be working now! Thanks a lot.

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